ARCHIVED WRITING: No Way Out 2009 thoughts

For a throw-away show, 2009's No Way Out was one heck of a pay per view. And to think, us lucky buggars in the UK got it for free on Sky Sports.

[This is an archived piece which I originally published during my time working as a journalist in 2009. It's reposted here for prosperity's sake, and because I hate throwing my writing away]

Edge at No way Out 2009

Scores were settled, blood was shed and the two Elimination Chamber Matches delivered as much action and unpredictability as you could hope for.

Edge playing a surprise role in the Raw-brand main event and walking away with the Big Gold Belt had this writer marking out on the edge of his seat at three o clock this morning.

For the most part, WWE have really been on form lately, and as momentum gathers towards Wrestlemania 25, it will be interesting to see were we go from here.

With both titles resting in the Smackdown camp for the time being, I sense a brand-switch for Triple H on tonight's Raw.

After all, if I remember rightly, wasn't the whole point of Trips jumping to the blue brand to spend more time with his missus?

Now that she's on the Monday show, me thinks backstage nepotism and storyline logic would see The Game returning to Raw to face Orton at 'Mania.

Not that I personally want to see that again for the nine hundreth time, you understand...I'm just thinking logically here.

Whatever the outcome, all I know is that tonight's episode of Raw should make for interesting viewing!

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