ARCHIVED WRITING: Kofi Kingston may be great, but does anybody care?

On Tuesday, everyone’s favourite announcer/restaurateur/blogger Jim Ross, heaped praise on Kofi Kingston.

[This is an archived piece I originally published online elsewhere back in 2009. Five years later, Kofi is still stuck in the WWE mid-card]

Ross urged fans to check out his match against Edge on this Friday’s edition of Smackdown, and suggested that Kingston may develop into a bigger star than you’d imagine.

Will he really?

I do like Kofi. OK, so I’m not a huge mark for the guy, nor would I ever claim he’s a firm favourite of mine, but I do usually find his matches to be pretty fun, and his bubbly-babyface shtick seems to suit the Big E’s family-friendly environment.

The problem, for me at least, is that whilst I like watching Kofi, I don’t actually care about him.

Having missed his initial ECW debut early last year, I have no idea what Kofi Kingston is really all about. Sure he’s pretty fun to watch in the ring, but why does he even get in that ring at all? What motivates him? What are his ambitions? Who is Kofi Kingston?

Heck, during the course of his almost year-long tenure on the Raw brand, I think I’ve only heard Kofi cut a promo once, and even then it was simply to say “I think I am going to win this match,” or something to that effect.

He may say more on tonight’s edition of Smackdown, though without having read one of the numerous spoilers online, I just don’t know.

What I do know, however, is that if JR’s premonition is to be realised, WWE should really consider making fans do more than just liking the Jamaican Sensation and actually make us care.

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