ARCHIVED WRITING: WWE vs. TNA fantasy booking - AJ Styles vs. CM Punk

AJ Styles and CM Punk
I was thinking the other day about how, given that TNA really don't seem to know what they're doing, it's probably only a matter of time until they call it a day.

[In a somewhat ironic note, TNA wrestling actually outlived the website where this archived post was first published back in 2009]

Then I wondered if Vinny Mac would buy them out, and what might happen if he did.

Imagining a WCW-buyout scenario (only without all that silly Invasion nonsense), in which the Big ‘E picked up several workers contracts; allow me to wax hypothetical on some great matches which could occur as a result.

Over the next few posts, I’ll be pondering what those matches may be, how they may come about, and what the results may be.

Check this one out for starters…

AJ Styles vs. CM Punk

I know it’s been done in other companies, but to do it again, and to do it on a PPV such as Summerslam would be superb.

Just imagine it…

After several weeks of beating a bunch of lower-midders, Intercontinental champion, JBL issues an open challenge to anyone to come and face him. The title won’t be on the line but, according to Bradshaw, the honour and prestige of beating him would be enough to catapult any wannabe to Superstar status.

From out of the crowd, dressed in street clothes, comes AJ. Casual fans may have no idea who he is, but the die-hards go nuts.

The match begins, JBL charges, Styles hits the deck, grabs a quick roll-up and steals a three-count.

The following week, they agree to a rematch at the next throw-away pay per view, and after several weeks of getting AJ over with the WWE crowd, it’s on.

Sure, fans have to suffer through a JBL match, but they soon perk up when Styles once again gets the win, and the belt!

Back to Raw, and we establish the fact that CM Punk and AJ Styles are actually friends, as we get a backstage segment in which the former congratulates the latter on his title win.

The relationship is further cemented in a tag match in which Punk and Styles team up to take on JBL and, well, it doesn’t really matter who his partner is.

The good guys win the match, though the heels do a post-match attack. Punk is thrown to the outside and AJ takes the brunt of the assault until the Straight-Edged Superstar comes back and makes the save.

Fast forward a week and AJ thanks Punk for saving his bacon last week.

“No problem,” quips Punk. “Though how about you repay me with a shot at the gold?”

The match is on, and after a couple of weeks consisting of ‘mutual respect’ promos, the two go out and have an absolute corker, resulting in Punk picking up the win, and the IC title.

OK, so there’s one major flaw in this plan; it involves JBL, but that’s just a necessary evil in the build up to what could be a darn good match.

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