WWE Superstars: 10/12/09
(UK Broadcast – 11/12/09)

**NOTE - This review was written live at the time in 2009. I recently found it in my writing acrhives and uploaded it here**

The newest addition to the WWE Universe finally débuts in the UK with two matches from Smackdown and a Raw main event between long-time rivals MVP and Jack Swagger.

Here's what happened on our first glimpse at WWE Superstars.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Finlay

As Smackdown kicked off tonight's show, the Belfast Brawler looked to give the cocky Ziggler a lesson in respect in a tough contest.

With some hard-hitting action flowing back and forth between the grizzled veteran and the rising star, the two delivered a decent opening contest which saw Ziggler pick up another win thanks to the Zig Zag.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed MVP. Porter recapped his rivalrly with Jack Swagger before making fun of his opponent's lisp.

The Hart Dynasty vs. Slam Master J & Jimmy Wang Yang

In a short -but fairly entertaining- contest, David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd made short work of their seldom-seen opponents. Even Natalya got involved, bodyslamming Yang on the outside in a move which the announcers insisted had 'changed the world'. A slight exaggeration perhaps?

Your Winners: The Hart Dynasty

Prior to tonight's main event, Jack Swagger took to the microphone to rile up the crowd and talk down his forthcoming opponent, MVP.

Jack Swagger vs. MVP

Afforded much more time than any number of their three-minute Raw outings, Swagger and Porter were free to really showcase their talents in a fine main event by TV standards.

MVP looked to be in control for the bulk of the contest, with both men impressing with some solid action in a well-paced, enjoyable affair.

Yet despite Porter's best efforts to finally overthrow his arch-rival, he eventually found himself eating the pin when The All American American landed his patented Gutwrench Powerbomb.

Your Winner: Jack Swagger

And that just about does it for tonight's show.

Final Thoughts: Whilst fans in the US are well accustomed to this show, for us Brits, this was our first chance to take a look at it on TV, and I have to say, WWE Superstars made a strong first impression.

Whilst the two undercard matches were decent enough, the MVP/Swagger match was a joy to watch, and you only wish they'd be allowed to do more of this stuff in front of a bigger audience on Raw.

Away from the ring, your reviewer was surprisingly impressed by the look and feel of the show. Far from feeling like some third-rate B show (think Heat in its dying days or Velocity), Superstars felt like something special, and I for one look forward to more shows.

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