Macho Man Randy Savage's Greatest Feuds and matches - As told by WWF Hasbro Figures

WWF / WWE - Hasbro Wrestling Figures - Macho King Randy Savage
Whether he was tearing it up as a heel or basking in the adulation of the World Wrestling Federation Faithful, the legendary Macho Man Ran Savage certainly had more than his fair share of memorable rivalries. 

Though it may be a bit of a stretch to say that his every match was an outright classic, you could always be confident that when Savage was on the card, his match would be among the best of the night.

I could spend the next several hours telling you all about my favourite Macho Man feuds, but then, why bother when I could just have some old Hasbro wrestling figures do it for you?

The only thing that makes me sad about this post is that I would have liked to feature the other Macho Man figure I clearly remember having - the one with the white jacket, tassels and hat.

I loved that toy as a kid, though alas it seemed to have gone up into the attic 13 or so years ago before just, well, disappearing.

That aside, it's time to bring the toyz.

Savage vs. Steamboat
Wrestlemania 3 - Intercontinental Championship 

WWF / WWE - Hasbro Wrestling Figures - Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat - Wrestlemania 3
Some still consider it one of the greatest matches of its time, if not all time, and for good reason, Savage/Steamboat was a phenomenal match that would have been the sole talking point of Wrestlemania 3, you know, if that whole Hogan/Andre thing hadn't happened.

And yes, before you say anything, I'm aware that Ricky Steamboat hadn't been forced to take his Dragon gimmick to such goofy extremes at this point, but hey, I'm working with what I have here. 

On another note, Steamboat was the first figure I ever owned, bought for me by Nan on a random supermarket trip to Asda. 

Moving on then...

Savage vs. Hogan
The Mega Powers Explode 

WWF / WWE - Hasbro Wrestling Figures - Macho Man Randy Savage vs.Hulk Hogan - The Mega Powers Explode at Wrestlemania 5

Easily one of the most well-told stories in pro wrestling, the saga of the Mega Powers had it all: There was action, excitement, drama, romance, jealousy, rage, and the World Wrestling Federation's two biggest stars first teaming up and then colliding over the biggest prize in the game.

Ready to relive the night the Mega Powers exploded? Here's my Wrestlemania 5 review.

Savage vs. Flair
Wrestlemania 8 - WWF Championship match

WWF / WWE - Hasbro Wrestling Figures - Macho Man Randy Savage vs.Ric Flair - Wrestlemania 8
Having captured the WWF Championship at the 1992 Royal Rumble, Ric Flair marched into a feud with former champion Savage, who had once again seen the light and become one of the good guys. 
Central to this story was Flair's insistence that, before Miss Elizabeth had been such an integral part of the Macho Man's life, she had indeed taken a ride or two on Space Mountain. 

After much build up, the two finally met in an awesome match at Wrestlemania 8 which saw Savage claim his second WWF Championship. 

Savage vs. Jake The Snake

WWF / WWE - Hasbro Wrestling Figures - Macho Man Randy Savage vs.Jake 'The Snake' Roberts - This Tuesday in Texas
One of Savage's last big-time feuds as a full-time competitor before he settled down into a commentator and occasional performer, this one was actually fairly short-lived considering the time period. 

Along with The Undertaker, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts' attacked Savage at his Summerslam 1991 wedding to Miss Elizabeth. That led to an intense rivalry and a particularly memorable angle on an episode of WWF Superstars in which Savage was attacked by Roberts, and then genuinely bitten by a snake.  

As a result of their hatred reaching such levels, WWF President Jack Tunney forbid both men from competing at the 1991 Survivor Series, and instead booked them on a second PPV just a few days later entitled This Tuesday in Texas, where the two went at it in a "short, sharp burst of violence," with Savage picking up the win. 

Savage vs. Warrior
Wrestlemania 7 - Retirement match 

WWF / WWE - Hasbro Wrestling Figures - Macho Man Randy Savage vs.Ultimate Warrior from Wrestlemania 7

Savage and The Ultimate Warrior actually had two matches. Their Wrestlemania 7 'Career Ending'  match and, weirdly, a second bout seventeen months later in London, England, at Summerslam 1992

In the former, Savage was in full Macho King mode, with Sensational Queen Sherri by his side, whilst in the latter, both champ and challenger were beloved babyfaces. It's perhaps this difference in the dynamic that made their WM7 encounter only marginally better, but still, each time these two faced off, it was something pretty special.

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