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On the face of it, setting out to review every single WWF PPV from Wrestlemania 1-30 is a pretty big task. It's been two years since I first started this, and I'm only a third of the way through. 

It might be taking me a while to get there, but I'm OK with that. Normally, I fit in writing a wrestling review between working a full-time job as a copywriter and taking care of all those awful responsibilities that come as part and parcel of being an adult.

As you may have gathered, I haven't been doing too good a job of that lately.

As I mentioned the last time I wrote a WWF magazine review , we've moved house recently, and even now I still don't have everything set up so that I can sit down and crank out more PPV reviews.

I'll get there, but not yet. I'm still recovering from knee surgery, and not exactly having a good time of it. This means that it's hard for me to properly set up the Big Computer that houses most of my wrestling collection.

It also means that I've started suffering anxiety attacks, which are no fun at all. If you care about that, I've started a blog discussing how I'm dealing with post-surgery anxiety.

But that doesn't mean all is going to go stagnant at Retro Pro Wrestling.

I do have a couple of DVDs that I want to look at, including Hell in a Cell 2009, and the second ECW One Night Stand event. I was going to save those until later in my attempt to do the rest of my PPV reviews in chronological order, but hey, it's better than having no new content on here, right?

I've also got a disk somewhere that contains about two years worth of Raw, Smackdown and PPV reports from -I think- 2008-2009.

If all else fails, expect to see them until I can get back to adding new content.

Oh, and I'll also be contributing new stuff to the awesome Camel Clutch Blog very soon, too.

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