ARCHIVED WRITING: Wrestlemania 25 + post WWE Raw thoughts

So, Wrestlemania 25 has been and gone and your blogger scored a pitiful 4/9 on the prediction front.

[NOTE: This is an archived post I wrote elsewhere after WM25.]

Regardless of my psychic abilities and despite the general feeling among the internet wrestling community that it was a pretty poor show, I found it pretty entertaining.

Money in the Bank 2009 wasn’t the greatest incarnation of the annual spotfest, but it certainly had it’s moments; not least of which was that Shelton Benjamin spot.

The Shawn Michaels/Undertaker clash left me, and probably everybody else, speechless and far surpassed anything that took place in the two title bouts.

If there’s any heavy criticism to be flung in WM25’s direction, it’s down to the omission of the tag team title unification bout in favour of a performance from Kid Rock which went on far too long and a very badly done Divas Battle Royal.

That said, I did find the whole Saninto/Santina thing far funnier than it should have been. If you ask me, Anthony Carelli could well have a career in Hollywood comedies should The Big ‘E ever wish him well on future endeavors.

Following Wrestlemania, WWE hosted Raw the following evening.

Is it just me, or was this actually a pretty naff show? The in-ring action wasn’t bad for the most part, but even when you consider the announcement of two title matches for Backlash, it really seemed as though the group were simply killing time until next week’s draft.

I’d love to write a blog about the draft later this week but, being realistic, I know I probably won’t have time.

If I don’t get round to it, here’s what I would have said:

“The WWE draft is completely pointless given the company’s own disregard for roster splits. However, it would be pretty awesome if CM Punk and Christian were drafted to Smackdown and had some good matches.”

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