ARCHIVED WRITING: TNA makes zero impact

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At the conclusion of the final TNA Impact prior to the Against All Odds pay-per-view, I vowed never to watch the show again.

[This is an archived commentary piece originally published on the website of a magazine I worked for during my time as a journalist. Though both the website and magazine no longer exists, this piece, like TNA itself, just won't go away.]

So far, I've stuck to my word.

Impact is far too long (especially given the ammount of ad breaks Bravo throw in here in the UK), complicated and unneccesary to hold my interest, and rather than walking away from the show excited about the group's upcoming matches I find myself annoyed; at TNA for getting it so spectacularly wrong every week, and at myself for wasting so much of my time.

Earlier this morning, I decided to check out a write-up from last night's show just to see if things have improved.

They haven't.

Overlooking the fact that 90% of wrestling TV show reports are very badly written (those by a certain Jack Conner being the obvious exception!), nothing I read about last night's show made any sense.

One minute the Main Event Mafia don't want to talk to TNA's resident geek, JB, the next they do? Why not save that time and have them talk right from the get-go, thus saing time for more actual wrestling.And that's what bugs me the most about Panda Energy's tax write-off. The group seem so desperate to provide an alternative to WWE, marketing themselves as wrestling rather than entertainment.

Sadly, Jarrett, Ruso and company fail to provide either.

I mean, can someone explain to me how having Don West suddenly turn on Mike Tenay before storming off equates to a good wrestling show? Heck, it doesn't even make for good entertainment.

As Good Ol' JR will often mention in his fantastic blogs and Q & As on his wonderful little website, , announcers are there to tell the stories, not to be the stories themselves.

This is probably the first of many anti-TNA rants I'll likely spew here on this site. That's if I decide to keep tabs on the company.

After all, they say if you don't like something, just don't bother with it.

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