WWF King of the Ring 1993 Report

Yesterday's review of WWF King of the Ring 1993 got me searching through Youtube for more on the inaugural KOTR pay per view. 

Pay Per View 'reports' were a regular feature of World Wrestling Federation programming about the time my eight year-old self first became a wrestling fan. Presented either by Mean Gene or everybody's favorite goofball, Todd Pettengill, they were a quick and effective way of presenting the big events as something special, while at the same time shilling the holy hell out of them.

Here, Mean Gene gives us our King of the Ring report, after which, an irate Shawn Michaels stormed to ringside and berated Vince McMahon for booking him against Crush at the ppv.  Remember, this was when Vince was presented as nothing more as a babyface announcer fond of shouting such memorable lines as 'What a manouver!' and my own personal favourite, 'One, Two, He got him! No he didn't!'

As a bonus, here's Jimmy Hart and Hulk Hogan on the set of Thunder in Paradise, hyping the latter's WWF Championship defense against Yokozuna.

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