DVD Extras: WWE Survivor Series 2005

Having covered WWE Survivor Series 2005 last week, now is the time to go back and look at the extras on the UK DVD release of this event.

Here goes.

Maria interviews Mr. McMahon / Survivor Series moments
In a completely pointless yet still sort of humerous segment, Maria Kanellis interviewed the WWE Chairman, and asked for his favourite Summerslam moments. Correcting the ditzy diva, McMahon claimed that his favourite Survivor Series moments included Andre the Giant's victory at the inaugural event, The Rock winning the world title at the 1998 event and, of course, the 1997 event in Montreal, when McMahon screwed Bret Hart. 

McMahon then vowed to one day screw Maria, causing Kanellis to exclaim that she'd never been screwed before. This whole strange situation then took us to a fun video package looking at some of the highlights of Survivor Series' past.

Teddy Long and The Boogeyman
Back in the dressing room following his win over Eric Bischoff, Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long is congratulated on such a hard-fought victory by none other than Shane McMahon.

Long went off to find The Boogeyman and thank him for his role in the match, though it turned out an excitable Boogeyman was already close by, turning up to freak out Shane O'Mac once Teddy had left the room.

Fun stuff.

Kurt Angle and Davari on WWE.Com Instant Access
Arriving in the WWE.Com Instant Access Room for a scheduled chat with the fans, an enraged Kurt Angle instead decided to lash out following his loss to John Cena earlier on the show. As Instant Access host Josh Matthews literally cowered in the corner, Angle yelled, broke stuff and generally blew a fuse.

All the while Davari did absolutely nothing.

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