DVD Extras: WWE Survivor Series 2006

Having reviewed the 2006 WWE Survivor Series event last week, I thought it might be good to run through the limited number of extras available on the UK DVD release.

Here goes.

Todd Grisham interviews Lita after her match
Having dropped the WWE Women's Championship to Mickey James earlier in the evening, the outgoing diva reflected on her career in World Wrestling Entertainment, her relationship with the fans and, having made the decision to leave the company, whether she would ever return.

Done completely in kayfabe, the woman better known to her folks as Amy Dumas gave a convincing argument as she claimed to be tired of the disrespect she'd recieved at the hands of DX, Cryme Tyme and the WWE fans and that she was looking forward to the next chapter in her career.

Mr. McMahon's Kiss My Ass Cartoon
Probably the most bizare, incomprehensible piece of animation this writer has ever seen, this special Thanksgiving edition of an apparently short-lived cartoon featuring, yes, Mr. McMahon's ass as its central character is the sort of thing that can't adequately be put into words.

That's not to say I didn't try, but sadly the only words I could up with were weird, scary and WTF?

Instead then, here's the cartoon.

Survivor Series 1987 Main Event Match:
Hulk Hogan, Bam Bam Bigelow, Paul Orndorff, Ken Patera and Don Muraco vs.Andre the Giant, Rick Rude, One Man Gang, Butch Reed & and King Kong Bundy

If you can ignore the fact that, on this DVD at least, this match from 1987 has Michael Cole and JBL doing ruining the old-school atmosphere with a retrospective commentary job, this is actually quite a fun addition to the DVD.

Showing that WWE did, at one point, know how to really tell a story in these elimination matches, this is actually far better than any of the Traditional Survivor Series matches on display at Survivor Series 2006.
Following some good, entertaining back and forth action, Hulk Hogan got himself counted out, leaving Bam Bam Bigelow alone to represent his side against Andre the Giant and his remaining team mates One Man Gang and King Kong Bundy. Bigelow toppled the latter two, but eventually felled to the mighty giant .

Strangely (or not), despite having nothing to do with the last five or six minutes of action, Hogan then returned to the ring as a mighty hero to soak up the adulation of the crowd to close the show. This was a great, enjoyable addition to the DVD, and a huge bonus for old-school fans like your humble blogger.

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