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Thursday, 5 September 2019

PPV REVIEW: WWF - No Mercy 1999

WWE / WWF No Mercy 1999 - Event poster
October 17, 1999
Gund Arena, Cleveland, Ohio

Though there's every chance your writer could be wrong on this one, 1999 was the first and only year in WWE history that the company held two different pay per view events at different times with exactly the same name.

I say exactly the same so that we can forget about that whole Greatest Royal Rumble thing for a while and focus on the story of No Mercy.

In May of that year, the company held the first version of the event, a UK only PPV which saw WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin defeat Triple H and The Undertaker in a three-way main event.

Five months down the line and the World Wrestling Federation had decided that they liked the No Mercy name so much that they were going to use it again for their October PPV.

This time around, however, Austin would be the one to challenge for the title as defending champion Triple H walked into Cleveland, Ohio aiming to prove his reputation as The Game.

Let's head there ourselves and see just what went down when the WWF presented the American version of No Mercy 1999.

WWE / WWF No Mercy 1999 - Jim Ross & Jerry 'The King' Lawler called the action Tonight, there will no mercy

Though it was well done, there was nothing particularly special about tonight's opening video package. It basically told us all about the upcoming WWF title match between Austin and Triple H before sending us live to the arena where Jim Ross and Jerry 'The King' Lawler welcomed us to the show.

The two didn't have time to say much as we went straight down to our first match

The Godfather (w/ The Hos) vs. Mideon (w/ Viscera)

WWE / WWF No Mercy 1999 - The Godfather dances with his hos
That week on Smackdown, Mideon and Viscera had double-teamed The Godfather after The Pimp Daddy scored a win over Mideon, leading to tonight's rematch.

Jim Ross told us that, after the attack on Smackdown, The Godfather was probably not in a jovial mood. Clearly contradicting JR, as he said this, we saw Godfather smiling hugely and dancing around with his hos.

Hilariously, Mideon had refused Godfather's offer to spend a night with one of the hos on Smackdown, insisting that he much preferred farm animals.

Tonight, Godfather addressed this by saying that since he didn't have any farm animals since Mideon didn't want any hos, he was just going to straight up kick his ass.

And kick his ass he did, in a match that you pretty much wanted to be over as soon as it started.

I mean, I'm not saying it was the worst thing you'll ever see, but it was exactly like you'd imagine a Godfather/Mideon to be...except about five times as long.

After what felt like an eternity, Godfather rolled up Mideon to bring this fairly average match to an end.
Your Winner: The Godfather

Up next, we were shown a clip of Triple H attacking Stone Cold Steve Austin on Smackdown, then bragging about it to Michael Cole earlier on Heat.

Age vs. Beauty

WWE / WWF No Mercy 1999 - WWF Women's Champion Ivory
Out in the back, Michael Cole interviewed WWF Women's Champion Ivory about her upcoming match against The Fabulous Moolah. Moolah and Mae Young had pissed off the champ by beating her up at last month's Unforgiven 1999, leading to tonight's match.

Ivory was clearly not happy about having to face the ageing Moolah and spent her entire promo laying into how old she and Young were. It was good stuff from Ivory, and without even having seen it, I can guarantee you it was a thousand times better than the match would be.

World Wrestling Federation Women's Championship
WWF Women's Champion Ivory vs. The Fabulous Moolah (w/ Mae Young)

Bless 'em. They tried hard to make this work, but it was more of a comedy match than anything. Ivory battered Moolah and whenever Mae Young tried to interfere -which she did a lot- Ivory just took her out too. Somehow, every time she hit Mae Young, it got funnier, but then Moolah rolled up the champ and stole a three count and suddenly it wasn't so funny any more.

Not a good match at all, though they certainly did their best with it.
Your Winner and NEW Women's champion: The Fabulous Moolah

I should note that was Moolah's first WWF PPV match since the 1987 Survivor Series.

Vince Changes the Rules

Earlier, on Heat, Vince McMahon informed Triple H that tonight's main event would no be no holds barred, anything goes. Naturally, this had angered The Champion, whose entire strategy depended on getting The Rattlesnake so worked up that he got himself DQ'd.

The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg Jesse James  & Bad Ass Billy Gunn) vs. The Hollys (Hardcore & Crash Holly)

WWE / WWF No Mercy 1999 - Road Dogg beats up Hardcore Holly
The Hollys cost The New Age Outlaws the tag titles in a match against a reunited Rock & Sock Connection on Smackdown which meant the two teams now had an excuse to fight.

For the most part, this followed the same formula as every Outlaws match you've ever seen:

  • Road Dogg spends a year getting his ass kicked.
  • Billy Gunn makes the hot tag.
  • The Match somehow ends.
Though it was generic, this was one of those instances where that formula served as the foundations of a very entertaining match.

After a solid effort from both teams, Hardcore Holly slid a chair into the ring, only for Billy Gunn to hit Crash Holly with a Fame Asser onto it. That was enough to cause the referee to ring the bell, bringing this enjoyable outing to a close.
Your Winners via Disqualification: The Hollys

Up next, we got a look back at the rivalry between Chyna and Jeff Jarrett which led to tonight's match.

Good House Keeping Match for the World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship
WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett (w/ Miss Kitty) vs. Chyna

WWE / WWF No Mercy 1999 - Jeff Jarrett & Miss Kitty
By now, we all know the story of how Jeff Jarrett's contract had expired the day before the PPV. As legend has it, Jarrett agreed to drop the Intercontinental title on his way out the door, but only if Vince McMahon paid Jarrett all of the PPV bonus money he was owed up front rather than months down the line as was the company's standard procedure.

McMahon relented, causing a rift between the two that wouldn't be healed until many years later.

Though the story telegraphed the ending of this match, it certainly didn't dampen the enjoyment of it.

A Good House Keeping match was essentially a falls-count-anywhere hardcore match in which only household objects were legal weapons. I say only as that would become important in the finish.

Before that, however, the unique stipulation gave us plenty of fun spots as Chyna and Jarrett beat each other with brooms and trash cans and all manner of household goods. It gave us even more fun spots as they hurled food at each other (at one point Chyna smacked Jarrett with salami and he countered later with a fish), and, overall, it gave us a match that, while certainly not a technical classic- really made you smile just watching it.

Towards the end, referee Teddy Long got squashed in the corner, so Jarrett grabbed the Intercontinental title and waffled Chyna with. The referee recovered, Jarrett made the three count, and this one was over...

..Except it wasn't.

Having somehow found out what had gone down, Long stopped Jarrett and Miss Kitty from leaving the arena and told them that the match had to continue since the Intercontinental title wasn't a household item.

WWE / WWF No Mercy 1999 -  Chyna won the Intercontinental Championship
"Of course it's a household item," quipped Lawler. "I've seen it in Jarrett's house!"

Back in the ring, an irate Double J looked to take out his frustrations on Long, knocking him to the mat and going for the Figure Four, only for Chyna to whack him over the back of the head with a guitar.

Despite it not technically being a household item either, Long allowed it and, one three count later, we had our first (and only?) female Intercontinental Champion.
Your Winner and NEW WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chyna

And so that was to be Jeff Jarrett's last WWF match until the Royal Rumble event some 20 years later. The following night, Double J would return to World Championship Wrestling and see out the remainder of the Monday Night Wars there before being publically fired by McMahon and going on to form a little-known company called TNA wrestling.

Meanwhile, Chyna had become not only the first female Royal Rumble entrant, but also the first female Intercontinental Champion and, in this fan's mind at least, that more than qualifies her for her own Hall of Fame induction outside of the 2019 D-Generation-X induction.

The British Bulldog vs. WWF Tag Team Champion The Rock

WWE / WWF No Mercy 1999 -  The British Bulldog battles The Rock
As with most major matches, this one began with a video package recapping the rivalry between The British Bulldog and The Rock. However, it totally glossed over the fact that Davey Boy had cost The Great One his WWF title match at Rebellion 1999 just a few weeks earlier.

That's mostly because the WWF still didn't really see it's UK PPVs as anything more than glorified house shows.

The actual match itself wasn't bad at all, but it never really picked up the pace and felt more like a mid-card bout from Raw rather than a top-level PPV match.

Nor did you ever really feel as though The Rock was in any danger of losing. Sure, The Bulldog got some offence in. He even hit Rocky with his trademark power slam, but Rock only sold a minimal amount and always bounced back pretty quickly.

After a short, passable contest, The Great One predictably picked up the win thanks to a Rock Bottom and People's Elbow.
Your Winner: The Rock

WWE / WWF No Mercy 1999 -  Jerry 'The King' Lawler interviews Terri up a ladder
Earlier, on Heat, Terri Runnels had been explaining to Jerry Lawler that, in order to win the Terri Runnels Invitational, a team would have to climb a ladder and retrieve the prize - money and a contract for her managerial services.

Lawler had Terri demonstrate by climbing a ladder just so that he could look up her skirt. It was pervy but very funny.

Terri Runnels Invitational Ladder Match
Edge & Christian vs. The Brood (Matt & Jeff Hardy w/ Gangrel)

Before the bell, JR told us that this was the first tag team ladder match in WWF history, though it certainly wouldn't be the last.

Referees ejected Gangrel early on, leaving Matt and Jeff Hardy to deliver an absolutely incredible match with Edge and Christian.

I said that the tag team gauntlet match back at Summerslam 1999 was the making of Edge and Christian, but tonight really was the night that stars were born in Edge, Christian and The Hardyz.

All four men held nothing back as they continually upped the ante to deliver one jaw-dropping spot after another. OK, so some fans might be quick to deride this as little more than a spot fest, but this kind of match -at least in the WWF- was groundbreaking at the time and when all the spots were delivered so well, who cares what you call it?

Truth be told, I tend to review these shows in bulk, usually going through about three or four different PPVs in a single weekend. That's a lot of wrestling and it's easy to get burned out, but not today. Watching this match was absolutely the most fun I've had watching wrestling in a long, long time.

All in all, a great effort that saw Jeff Hardy leap from one ladder to another and retrieve the sack containing $100,000 to win the match, and the services of Terri Runnels.
Your Winners: Matt and Jeff Hardy

Post-match, The Hardyz were rushed backstage in order to be filmed celebrating with Terri herself while Edge and Christian stayed in the ring to receive a standing ovation.

Finally, The Rock has come back to Cleveland

WWE / WWF No Mercy 1999 -  Finally, The Rock came back to No Mercy
Up next, we were shown a clip from Heat of Mankind wandering the backstage area looking to give a copy of his book Have a Nice Day to The Rock but instead getting beaten up by Val Venis in the bathroom.

Those two would square off soon, but first, The Great One came out to the ring to challenge the winner of tonight's main event to a title shot.

Though he kept things fairly short and sweet, Rock was as entertaining as ever.

On his way backstage, however, he was greeted by Triple H, who took out The People's Champion with a few well-placed sledgehammer shots. EMTs including Barbara Bush had to come and carry Rocky backstage on a stretcher.

Val Venis vs. WWF Tag Team Champion Mankind

WWE / WWF No Mercy 1999 -  Val Venis faced Mankind
Ah, Mankind, the three-time WWF champion capable of having memorable main events with the likes of Austin, Undertaker and The Rock, now spending the latter part of 1999 taking on lifelong mid-carders like Val Venis.

At first glance, this didn't look like it was going to amount to much, especially as Mankind was clearly so broken down as to be very limited physically.

Still, what he lacked in athletic prowess this night he more than made up for with the kind of psychology that only a savvy veteran could possess. What's more, he used that psychology to ensure that he and Venis put on the best match possible.

Sure, it wasn't pretty, but what started off relatively poorly eventually built up into a compelling bout that had you gripped all the way to the finish.

Speaking of the finish, Mankind slapped the mandible claw on Val, but Val pulled out a sock of his own and grabbed Mick by the balls until he passed out. A three count later and this one was over.
Your Winner: Val Venis

Afterwards, Mankind beat up on Val and then left with a copy of his book, which was important since this whole feud seemed to be about nothing more than not-so-subtly promoting Have a Nice Day.

Out in the back, The Rock continued to receive treatment from EMTs on a stretcher.

Four Corners Elimination Match
Farooq vs. Bradshaw vs. X-Pac vs. Kane

WWE / WWF No Mercy 1999 -  Farooq vs. Bradshaw vs. Kane vs. X-Pac
I'm not quite sure why they had two tag teams facing each other in an every-man-for-himself elimination match, but it didn't seem to matter too much.

From the opening bell, we got a decent battle between all four men, including parts where Bradshaw faced Farooq and X-Pac went at it with Kane.

After a lengthy showing, Kane eliminated Bradshaw then X-Pac immediately lept off the top rope and eliminated Kane, leading to a short but enjoyable fight with Farooq.

In the end, the former Nation of Domination lept off the ropes and straight into a horrible-looking X-Factor, giving the DX member the win.

This whole match never really went beyond being anything more than 'just OK,' but as a cool-down before the main event, it served its purpose.
Your Winner: X-Pac

Out in the back, The Rock's treatment now saw him with a bandage around his ribs, though JR & King told us that The Great One had, somewhat unwisely, refused medical treatment.

Before our main event, we got a look at how Austin and Triple H's rivalry had begun back at Summerslam 1999 and developed to the point that they'd face each other tonight for the title. the video was pretty cool and featured some of the H-Blockx song Oh Hell Yeah from WWF The Music Volume 4 which I'll be reviewing on here very soon.

Anything Goes Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship
WWF Champion Triple H vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWE / WWF No Mercy 1999 -  Triple H on Heat
And so, it came down to this, a lengthy, Attitude Era-style no holds barred match for the WWF title that delivered on all counts.

What we had here was Austin's typical main event format (lots of wild brawling and creative spots) combined with Triple H's penchant for drama, psychology, and spots involving the announce tables.

The result was a very good main event that was a joy to watch.

In the beginning, Triple H tried bringing his sledgehammer, but Vince McMahon came out and disallowed it, so The Hs decked him one.

Later, as the match reached its conclusion, Rocky came limping out with the sledgehammer to get revenge, but he only got planted by the champion. As did Austin who, three seconds later, lost the match.
Your Winner and Still WWF Champion: Triple H

And that was that. No fancy ending, no big post-match shenanigans, just Triple H riding off into the sunset with his title.

It's fair to say that No Mercy was mostly -mostly- a good show. Nobody needs Mideon/Viscera in their life and the four-man elimination match was nothing special either, but that incredible tag team ladder match, the entertaining Good House Keeping match and a thrilling main event all made up for the sour spots on what was probably a good, solid 3.5/5 rated card.

If there's any one match that's a definite must-see, it's the ladder match. Yes, the main event was very good, but it was so typical of the company's main event style at the time that it didn't really stand out among the many others like it.

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    Thursday, 29 August 2019

    PPV REVIEW: WWF Rebellion 1999

    WWE / WWF Rebellion 1999 - Event poster
    October 2nd, 1999
    National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, England

    Between 1996 and 1999, your writer attended every WWF event to take place in the UK.

    Or at least, I thought I did.

    Somehow, Rebellion 1999 happened without me being there, or even having any memory of it.

    Whether I'd just exhausted the time and money my Dad was prepared to spend on taking me to wrestling shows (I was 15) with the UK version of No Mercy which had taken place earlier that year, or whether it was around this time that I started to fall out of love with pro wrestling for a while, I honestly can't remember.

    Still, we're here now, so let's head down to Birmingham, England for the first ever Rebellion PPV.

    Two men set to kick some bum

    WWE / WWF Rebellion 1999 - Jim Ross & Michael Hayes called the action
    Our show tonight began with an opening video which was voiceovered by a stereotypically posh Englishman talking about Mr Helmsley and Mr Rock.

    This was countered by a brash American voiceover referring to them instead as Triple H and The Great One before declaring that these were two men set to -and I quote- "kick some bum."

    It's rare that you'll ever hear me moan about one of WWE's usually awesome opening video packages, but my goodness this was cringeworthy.

    When it finally ended, we went live to the arena to be greeted by Jim Ross and his colleague Michael Hayes.

    No, I don't know where Jerry Lawler was either.

    Hayes was super excited about our main event tonight - a one-on-one showdown in which The Rock and Triple H would apparently kick some bum.

    First, however, we had our undercard to get to.

    Jeff Jarrett hates women

    WWE / WWF Rebellion 1999 - Jeff Jarrett w/ Miss Kitty
    Now at the height of his misogynist gimmick, Jeff Jarrett entered the National Indoor Arena first and took some time out to insult women everywhere, but especially those here in Birmingham.

    Say what you want about the gimmick itself, Jarrett was very good at playing it and managed to get some serious, serious heat just by calling a few women ugly.

    He then took out a vacuum cleaner and issued a "Thousand-pound challenge" - any woman who would step in the ring and do some vacuuming, thus proving that this was all women were good for - would earn £1,000.

    After much deliberation, Jarrett picked a "fan" out of the front row, dumped a bunch of dust on the ring apron, then had her vacuum it up. Not that she could. The vacuum cleaner clearly wasn't plugged in, so the dust just stayed where it was, which made the whole thing look a bit silly.

    Rather than actually plugging the vacuum in, Jarrett decided to attack the "fan" and put her in a figure-four leg lock.

    Proving that she needed to spend way more time in whatever wrestling school they'd found her at, the "fan" sold Jarrett's figure four as though he were slightly flicking her on the knee.

    Finally, Chyna ran in to a huge ovation and beat Jarret to a pulp.

    As Double J reeled on the outside, referee Mike Chioda conducted a coin toss to decide whether it was Jarrett's Intercontinental championship or D'Lo Brown's European Championship that would be on the line in the next match.

    It was heads, so we had ourselves an Intercontinental Championship match even though it would have made much, much more sense for D'Lo Brown to defend the European Championship in Europe.

    World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship
    WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett (w/ Miss Kitty) vs. WWF Europea Champion D'Lo Brown

    Once the two finally locked up, things developed into a good, though not necessarily great match.

    The Birmingham crowd were really into D'Lo, and their unwavering enthusiasm for the show itself added an extra level of enjoyment to what was a pretty solid effort.

    After a lot of back-and-forth action, Miss Kitty distracted the referee so that Jarrett could blast D'Lo with a vacuum cleaner for the match-winning three count.
    Your Winner and Still Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Jarrett

    Post-match, Double J challenged Chyna to a match for later on in the show. Apparently, we'd be getting a whole lot of Jeff Jarrett tonight.

    The Godfather vs. Gangrel

    WWE / WWF Rebellion 1999 - The Godfather faced Gangrel
    Ah yes, The Godfather vs. Gangrel - the match you always wanted to see.

    Before the bell, Godfather refused to give one of his hos to Gangrel then proceded to go after him in what was a very underwhelming contest.

    The very definition of a filler match, absolutely nothing interesting happened outside of Michael Hayes informing us that Chyna had accepted Jeff Jarrett's challenge.

    After a few minutes of nothingness, Godfather hit the Ho Train and the Pimp Drop to win the match.
    Your winner: The Godfather

    Afterwards, Godfather set his hos loose on referee Tim White. Having the time of his life, White got down and boogied with the bikini-clad ladies.

    It was pretty funny.

    Jeff Jarrett has Vachyna envy

    WWE / WWF Rebellion 1999 - Michael Cole interviews Chyna
    Out in the back, Michael Cole asked Chyna if she accepted Jeff Jarrett's challenge. Despite just telling us she had a few minutes earlier, Michael Hayes acted surprised when Chyna confirmed that she did.

    That was dumb.

    It was almost as dumb as The Ninth Wonder of the World telling us that while some men had penis envy, Jeff Jarrett had vachyna envy. You know, because it sounds a bit like vagina?

    Ahem. Yeah.

    Anyway, Chyna was then interrupted by The British Bulldog.

    Receiving a rousing chorus of boos from his countrymen, Davey Boy insisted that nobody wanted him to see him fight "that long haired freak" X-Pac and that he should instead have a title shot against Triple H. Playing the heel to full effect, Bulldog stormed off to demand such a shot from Vince McMahon.

    Val Venis vs. Mark Henry

    Well, this was fifty shades of meh.

    Val Venis made light work of super heavyweight Mark Henry, beating him with the Money Shot after three terribly uneventful minutes.

    Man, I'm actually starting to be grateful that I wasn't at this show after all.
    Your Winner: Val Venis

    WWE / WWF Rebellion 1999 - British Bulldog confronts Vince and Shane McMahon
    Out in the back, British Bulldog stormed into Vince McMahon's office to demand a title shot against Triple H.

    When McMahon reminded Davey that he'd already had one on Smackdown, an angry Bulldog picked up a rubbish bin and threw it across the room.

    Cameras then cut away to Stephanie McMahon lying on the floor, insinuating that Davey had knocked her out with the bin.

    World Wrestling Federation Women's Championship
    WWF Women's Champion Ivory vs. Tori vs. Jacqueline vs. Luna

    The last time we saw Jacqueline here in the UK, she was getting her boobs out back at Capital Carnage 1998. Tonight, she kept all of her clothes on as she locked up with Luna Vachon, Tori, and WWF Women's Champion Ivory.
    WWE / WWF Rebellion 1999 - Ivory and Jacqueline square off
    Look, I hate to rag on the women. I'm a fan of at least three of them, but this was an absolute hot mess of a match.

    At one point, Ivory dropped to the outside and let the other three duke out it before finally coming back in to pick up the scraps.

    With Tim White's back turned, she blasted Jacqueline with the title and won what was a really poor bout.
    Your Winner and Stil WWF Women's Champion: Ivory

    Out in the back, we were shown paramedics putting Stephanie -now wearing a neck brace- onto a stretcher and wheeling her off. We were also shown a recap of the bin-throwing incident from about five minutes ago.

    You know, just in case we missed it.

    Looking back on it a second time, one thing stood out as being pretty odd:

    When Stephanie was on the floor, the bin the Bulldog had thrown was now nowhere in sight despite the fact that it must have landed nearby.

    Meanwhile, elsewhere in the arena, Michael Cole and Davey Boy Smith watched via a monitor as Stephanie was stretchered out. Bulldog told Cole that what happened to Stephanie was an accident and that he didn't owe Vince an apology but rather Vince owed him one.

    If anything, this was an effective way to establish the Bulldog as a hated villain in his own country.

    WWF Tag Team Champion Road Dogg vs. Chris Jericho (w/ Curtis Hughes)

    WWE / WWF Rebellion 1999 - Chris Jericho faced Road Dogg
    Oh, you didn't know?

    Making his UK debut, Chris Jericho had been at war with Road Dogg for months after he legitimately injured him shortly after his debut.

    Behind the scenes, this was the reason that Jericho had to run all his matches by X-Pac first. In front of the camera, it was the reason why he and Road Dogg had engaged in a war of words back at Summerslam 1999, and why they were going at it tonight.

    Cutting Y2J off as he made his entrance, the D-O-Double-G took the fight to his opponent in what turned out to be the best match on the show (at least up to now) by a country mile.

    This was a highly entertaining contest with a hot finish that saw Road Dogg make a miraculous, last-second kick out after being blasted with a vicious chair shot by Jericho's bodyguard, Curtis Hughes.

    By the way, here's one thing I never mentioned back in the Unforgiven 1999 review. If your only memory of Mr Curtis Hughes is as the big fat guy from the late 80s/early 90s, you might want to check him out in 1999. The dude was jacked!

    Anyway, despite kicking out of the chair shot, Road Rogg eventually succumbed to a low blow and lost this terrific match.
    Your Winner: Chris Jericho

    Prior to the next match, we saw clips of fans lining up outside Virgin Records in London for a meet and greet with The Rock and Big Show.

    WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett (w/ Miss Kitty) vs. Chyna

    Though it was about five times shorter than their match at Unforgiven, this quick little contest was far more enjoyable.

    Before it could pick up steam, however, British Bulldog ran in and clobbered Chyna before drilling her with a powerslam.

    Jim Ross claimed that he had done so because, in their earlier backstage encounter, Chyna had claimed Davey Boy had a face like the ass-end of a dog.

    Really though, it made more sense that he was trying to get the attention of Chyna's partner in crime, Triple H.
    Your Winner via DQ: Chyna

    Post-match, Jeff Jarrett slapped the Figure Four on Chyna until all the referees broke it up.

    We then saw more clips from The Rock and Big Show's autograph signing in London.

    No Disqualification Match
    The Big Show vs. Kane

    WWE / WWF Rebellion 1999 - Big Show puts Kane in a boston crab
    Though most of this no DQ match was basically just a regular match, it was still pretty fun, or at least as fun as you were going to get from The Big Show and Kane.

    Sure, there was a little too much reliance on drawn out submission spots, but when the two were just laying into each other, it was an enjoyable watch.

    In the end, Show went to smash Kane with a chair but The Big Red Machine kicked it into his opponent's face then lifted him up for an awesome looking bodyslam to win the match.

    Yes, I know bodyslams aren't usually awesome, but the way Kane lifted Show like he was nothing was pretty impressive.
    Your Winner: Kane

    Backstage, Michael Cole interviewed Triple H, bringing up the fact that British Bulldog had been running roughshod all night.

    The WWF Champion claimed that he didn't care about Bulldog, about Jeff Jarrett, or even about Chyna at that point. All he cared about was defending his title against The Rock in tonight's main event. Referring to himself as 'The Game' for the first time on a WWF PPV, Hunter vowed to kick Rocky's ass and leave "this craphole England," with the title still around his waist.

    X-Pac vs. British Bulldog

    WWE / WWF Rebellion 1999 - British Bulldog caused havoc on the show
    The last time we saw British Bulldog on a WWF PPV, he was getting beaten up by Shawn Michaels and Triple H in the main event of One Night Only 1997.

    Two years later, and he was back fighting HBK and HHH's Clique buddy X-Pac in a decent though somewhat unspectacular effort.

    Keeping things relatively short, the two worked well together, but you sort of expected something more from Davey Boy's big homecoming.

    Still, at least he picked up the win thanks to his patented power slam.
    Your Winner: The British Bulldog

    Out in the back, Crash Holly tried explaining to his cousin Hardcore Holly that Brits measure weight in stones and money in pounds. Clearly confused, a frustrated Bob insisted Crash pick up his weighing scales and get going for their next match.

    Elimination Match to Determine the Number One Contenders to the Tag Team Titles
    Edge & Christian vs. The Acolytes (Farooq & Bradshaw) vs. The Hollys (Crash and Hardcore Holly)

    WWE / WWF Rebellion 1999 - The Hollys faced Edge & Christian and The Acolytes
    Fought under Elimination rules, The Holly Cousins were the first ones to go after Crash ate a wicked clothesline from Bradshaw.

    That left The Acolytes to go at it with Edge and Christian in what proved to be a pretty good tag team contest. Though it didn't quite make it to fifth gear at any point, this was still great to watch, especially when Edge picked up the win to earn another tag team title shot for Christian and himself.
    Your Winners: Edge and Christian

    Finally, we got a recap of the recent three-way rivalry between Triple H, The Rock, and The British Bulldog, leading us to tonight's main event.

    World Wrestling Federation Championship Steel Cage Match
    WWF Champion Triple H vs. The Rock

    WWE / WWF Rebellion 1999 - Michael Cole interviews WWF Champion Triple H
    We'd seen them fight in a two-out-of-three-falls match at Fully Loaded 1998. We'd seen them clash in a classic ladder match at Summerslam 1998.

    Tonight, we finally got to see Triple H and The Rock collide in a steel cage match and, man, what a steel cage match it was.

    Going from 0-60 in no time at all, the two long-time rivals put it all on the line in what proved to be a tremendous effort.

    The two waged an absolute war on each other until they could barely stand, but that was only half the story.

    At one point, Hunter got the cage door open and tried to make an escape, but when Rock grabbed his foot to stop him, the champ reached for a steel chair which had been conveniently placed near the door. Despite Tony Chimmel telling us earlier that this was a no-rules match, that dumb ass Earl Hebner tried to stop Triple H grabbing the chair anyway.

    A scuffle ensued which resulted in Hebner getting knocked out cold, meaning the official wasn't awake when Rock climbed through the cage a few moments later to win the match.

    With nobody to make the call, the action continued, using this clever little set-up to allow Rock and Hunter to brawl on the outside and through the crowd without the match ending.

    Rock busted HHH wide open with a chair, then put on a headset and told us that it wasn't blood oozing out of the champion's head but monkey piss.

    Once the two got back in the ring, Bulldog came in for the eventual run in. Shane McMahon and the Stooges went after him but got their asses kicked before Chyna ran down to help Triple H, despite The Game telling us earlier that he didn't really care about Chyna.

    Eventually, The Rock got too busy getting beat up by The British Bulldog to stop Triple H escaping the cage and retaining his title.

    Seriously, a lot happened in that match, but it was incredible fun.
    Your Winner and Still WWF Champion: Triple H

    Post-match, Vince McMahon locked The British Bulldog in the cage so that The Rock could nail him with The Rock Bottom and a People's Elbow to end the show on a high note.

    And that's probably the saddest part of Rebellion, the fact that The British Bulldog's last appearance on a British PPV was him getting his ass kicked rather than getting one last moment of glory.

    But hey, that's just speaking as a biased fan.

    Overall, Rebellion is only really worth watching for the awesome main event. Yes, the earlier Road Dogg/Jericho match was fun, and yes, the X-Pac/Bulldog and tag team title matches were enjoyable for what they were, but neither of those matches were strong enough to compensate for what had otherwise been a truly terrible undercard.

    The main event, however, was in a league of their own, and after spending most of this show being glad I hadn't sat through this one in person, Rock/HHH in a steel cage made me wish I really had been there on that night in October 1999.

    1999 events reviewed so far

    Thursday, 22 August 2019

    PPV REVIEW: WWF Unforgiven 1999

    WWE / WWF - Unforgiven 1999 - Event poster
    September 26, 1999
    Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina.

    A lot had happened in a relatively short space of time for the superstars of the World Wrestling Federation. Back at Summerslam 1999, Mankind had triumphed in a three-way match against Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H to become our new WWF Champion, only to lose the title the following evening to The Hs.

    A few weeks later, none other than Vince McMahon himself had dethroned Hunter thanks to assistance from Shane McMahon. McMahon had then added Triple H to a multi-man match at tonight's Unforgiven event, having him face off against The Big Show, The Rock, Mankind, The Undertaker and Kane for a shot at the title McMahon had declared vacant, though not before making him compete in a gauntlet match against all five competitors.

    Meanwhile, Undertaker had gone down with a groin injury and required time off, forcing Vince to substitute a returning British Bulldog for The Dead Man.

    Would Triple H be able to overcome the odds and regain his World Wrestling Federation Championship? Or would it be the Bulldog, Kane, Mankind, Big Show or The Rock walking away with the gold?

    Let's head down to Flair Country as the WWF presents Unforgiven 1999.

    Deliver us from evil...

    WWE / WWF - Unforgiven 1999 - Jim Ross & Jerry 'The King' Lawler called the action
    Playing on the Unforgiven theme, our opening video package focussed on the competitors in tonight's main event while the voice of an old man paraphrased the Lord's Prayer, talking about forgiving our sins and delivering us from evil.

    Though it wasn't the best video package you've ever seen, it was at least effective and was followed up by Jim Ross and Jerry 'The King' Lawler telling us that, yes, tonight, we were guaranteed a new WWF Champion.

    The referees are on strike

    King & JR also reminded us that the referees were on strike because, as part of the whole convoluted world title picture, they had all been beaten up by the five men who were originally supposed to be competing for the title (Rock, Mankind, Undertaker, Kane, Big show) who were all mad that a match they were in ended in a no contest due to Mideon and Viscera interference.

    Man did that feel like a long sentence.

    Anyway, the announcers told us that scab referees had crossed the picket line and would be working tonight's show.

    Val Venis vs. Steve Blackman

    WWE / WWF - Unforgiven 1999 - Steve Blackman faced Val Venis for no reason
    It feels like a long time since we last saw Val Venis on PPV. In fact, the last time he'd competed was earlier in the year, back at Over the Edge 1999.

    Here, he took on The Lethal Weapon Steve Blackman in a bout that, for whatever reason, fell flat.

    With Steve 'Brooklyn Brawler' Lombardi filling in as referee (and King making reference to Lombardi's time as Doink the Clown), Venis and Blackman seemed to try hard, but the crowd only really cared when Val was swinging his hips and making double entendres on the microphone.

    Not the worst opening match in history by a long shot, but certainly nothing special, either.
    Your Winner: Val Venis

    Afterwards, Val went to attack Blackman with Blackman's own kendo stick, but The Lethal Weapon blocked it and split the thing right over Venis' skull.

    That prompted EMTs including Barbara Bush (remember her?) to rush down to ringside. They tried to help Val, but Blackman kept blocking off Bush in particular, causing head of security Jim Dotson (and remember him?) to spear tackle Blackman.

    All of that was way more fun than anything that happened in the match.

    Sexual Chocolate wants some of Lilian Garcia

    WWE / WWF - Unforgiven 1999 - Lilian Garcia interviews Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry
    A quick video package followed, recapping the falling out between former best friends Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown.

    D'Lo had recently been helping Mark to get in shape, only for The World's Strongest Man to turn on him and help Jeff Jarrett beat Brown for the Intercontinental and European titles back at Summerslam 1999.

    Tonight, the two would go at it for Mark's European title (handed to him as a thank you from Jarrett), but not before Sexual Chocolate stopped by for a word with Lillian Garcia.

    Quite what those words were, we'd never know. After Lilian asked Mark a question about his match, he whispered something clearly vulgar in Lilian's ear and got a slap for his troubles.

    After a look at the referees picketing outside, we went to that match.

    World Wrestling Federation European Championship
    WWF European Champion Mark Henry (w/ two random women) vs. D'Lo Brown

    WWE / WWF - Unforgiven 1999 - Mark Henry defended the European title against D'Lo Brown
    Prior to the bell, Mark Henry insisted that Lilian's slap had given him a 'braineurysm' and, as such, he wouldn't be able to compete.

    This apparently didn't matter to D'Lo Brown, who showed up anyway and carried the champion through what was a pretty fun match.

    D'lo worked like a trooper here, planting his opponent with an impressive Sky High and a sweet-looking tope before eventually powerbombing Henry off the middle rope and nailing him with the Lo Down frog splash to become European Champion for something like the 50th time.

    If it wasn't for D'Lo, that would have sucked but, as it was, it turned into an enjoyable title match.
    Your Winner and NEW European Champion: D'Lo Brown

    WWE / WWF - Unforgiven 1999 - Michael Cole interviews The Acolytes
    Out in the back, Michael Cole speculated that The Acolytes had met their match in recent WWF arrivals, The Dudley Boys.

    Bradshaw disputed such claims, reminding cole that he and Farooq had already disposed of one ECW team (Public Enemy) and would soon destroy D'Von and Bubba Ray too.

    For his part, Farooq played the race card, claiming that the only way The Dudleys and The Acolytes were a match was that both teams had one white and one black guy in the team.

    Around the corner from this promo, a bunch of wrestlers beat up on Chaz Warrington owing to the fact that Chaz was rumored to have beaten up his girlfriend.

    Man, what a horrible story that was.

    Jarrett and Debra are over

    WWE / WWF - Unforgiven 1999 - Lilian Garcia interviews Debra w/ Miss Kitty
    Elsewhere in the building, Lilian Garcia interviewed Debra. With Miss Kitty standing by, Debra vowed that the first time Jeff Jarrett put his hands on her would be the last and that the two were definitely over. Jarrett, currently doing his misogynist thing, then stormed in, belittled Debra, and stormed off again with Kitty in tow.

    This was followed by a quick look back to the moment on Smackdown when Chyna had stripped Jarrett of his pants, put them on herself and beat up the Intercontinental Champion.

    The two would face off for the Intercontinental Championship in our next match.

    World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship
    WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett (w/ Miss Kitty) vs. Chyna

    WWE / WWF - Unforgiven 1999 - Jeff Jarrett battles Chyna
    On the surface, this looked like it could have been a good match. Jarrett and Chyna looked to have put some decent spots together, and the crowd popped big time for what was probably the first time all night whenever Chyna was in charge.

    There was, however, something altogether off about this match, almost as though you were watching two rookies slowly walking through a meticulously planned-out sequence of moves that they were trying desperately not to mess up.

    Honestly, it looked kind of fake, and that's not something you ever want from your pro wrestling.

    In the end, scab referee Harvey Wippleman took a tumble, causing Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah (who had both been beaten up by Jarrett) to run in and attempt to take him out. Jarrett however, clotheslined them out of their pantyhose then went for the Figure Four on Chyna, only for Debra to rush in and bash him over the head with his guitar.

    Wippleman got up, Chyna made the cover, and three seconds later we had a new Intercontinental Champion...

    ...Except we didn't really because head scab referee Tom Pritchard came down and revealed to Wippleman what had really gone down.

    The decision was reversed and Double J retained his title.
    Your Winner and Still Intercontinental Champion: Jeff Jarrett

    Afterwards, an angry Chyna beat up Pritchard and planted him with a pedigree.

    Before the next match, we took a look back to that night's episode of Sunday Night Heat, during which Steve Austin -the special enforcer for the Unforgiven 1999 main event- promised that we would definitely have a new WWF Champion tonight.

    The Dudley Boys (D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley) vs. The Acolytes (Farooq & Bradshaw)

    WWE / WWF - Unforgiven 1999 - Bubba Ray Dudley
    Making their WWF PPV debut, the Dudley Boys were rocking the tye-dye and doing that whole thing where Bubba Ray had a stutter. Prior to the bell, they got on the microphone and said nothing interesting, then locked up with the Acolytes and proceeded to do nothing interesting.

    I mean, this wasn't a horrible match, it just kind of had no life to it.

    The crowd, who had been relatively quiet for most of the night, were absolutely dead. If you looked past the action into the audience, you could literally see people in watching the match without any emotion whatsoever. Not enjoyment, not even boredom.

    In the end, Stevie Richards ran out dressed like an Acolyte and superkicked D-Von, allowing Farooq to pick up the win for his team.

    What a big pile of meh that was.
    Your Winners: The Acolytes

    Post-match, Farooq and Bradshaw destroyed Stevie Richards.

    Hardcore Match for the World Wrestling Federation Women's Championship
    WWF Women's Champion Ivory vs. Luna Vachon

    WWE / WWF - Unforgiven 1999 - Ivory defended the Women's title against Luna in a hardcore match
    If you recall, Luna had returned back at Summerslam 1999 and stopped Ivory from attacking Tori. That set up a feud between the two ladies that I'm sure nobody remembers to this day.

    That's sad too because I was -and still am- a big fan of Luna Vachon.

    Though short, this match was actually a lot of fun. Neither lady held anything back. They threw TVs at each other, they threw telephones at each other, at one point, Luna slammed Ivory's face into a photocopier then later jumped off the top of a forklift and crashed onto Ivory for a two count.

    A short while later, Tori came in to attack Ivory but immediately got her ass handed to her and ended up looking like an idiot.

    Ivory then took the stick that Tori had tried to beat her up with, smashed Luna with it, and got the rather underwhelming pinfall.
    Your Winner and still WWF Women's Champion: Ivory

    Round the corner, Lilian Garcia advised Moolah and Mae Young to stay out of Jeff Jarrett's business. Before the two old women could fully respond, Ivory interrupted and got beat up until Sgt. Slaughter and a gaggle of officials came to the rescue.

    World Wrestling Federation World Tag Team Championship
    WWF World Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws vs. Edge & Christian

    WWE / WWF - Unforgiven 1999 - WWF Tag Tam Champion The Road Dogg
    It had only been two months ago, back at Fully Loaded 1999 that Road Dogg and Billy Gunn had been on opposite sides of the ring, fighting for the rights to the DX name along with Chyna and X-Pac.

    Now, after Gunn's unsuccessful singles push, the two had been reunited and were once again your WWF Taaaaaaaaaag Teaaaam champions of the Worrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllld.

    With both teams sitting on the babyface side of the fence, it was up to Road Dogg to play his old, familiar role of face-in-peril while Edge and Christian dominated the bulk of the context.

    The result was the best match on the card so far by a quarter mile.

    OK, so it wasn't the greatest tag team match in history, but after what we'd seen so far, the level of enjoyment to be found here was very, very welcome.

    Towards the finish, The New Brood (Gangrel and The Hardy Boyz) ran in and beat up Edge & Christian behind the referee's back, allowing Bad Ass Billy Gunn to pick up the three thanks to the Fame Asser.
    Your Winners and Still WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws

    Out in the back, British Bulldog and Triple H talked about Bulldog turning on The Rock to help Hunter beat him on Smackdown. Davey Boy and Trips seemed to have formed an alliance of sorts and told Lillian Garcia that both of them knew what they had to do in the upcoming six-pack challenge.

    Kennel from Hell is Coming

    WWE / WWF - Unforgiven 1999 - Al Snow faced Big Boss Man in a Kennel from Hell match
    Out in the back, Michael Cole asked Big Boss Man if he regretted all the terrible things he'd done to Al Snow's dog, Pepper. Boss Man responded by threatening to shove his nightstick up Cole's butt, then promised us that the upcoming Kennel from Hell match was something we'd never forget.

    He was right, of course, though the reasons we'll never forget this next contest probably aren't the same ones Boss Man was thinking of.

    As the two cages were put in place for the match, Al Snow was interviewed by Lilian and got, really, really intense as he repeatedly called Boss Man fat and promised to make him pay.

    Both men cut compelling promos here, but the whole storyline between was so ridiculous that it was impossible to take this seriously.

    Kennel from Hell match for the World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Championship
    WWF Hardcore Champion Al snow vs. Big Boss Man

    WWE / WWF - Unforgiven 1999 - The awful Kennel from Hell match
    So yeah, this happened. Basically, you had a Hell in a Cell structure around the old-school, blue-bar steel cage and, to win, you basically had to escape both cages.

    Oh, and did I mention that between the two cages there were rottweilers?

    Yep. This was supposed to be the big scary part - that the wrestlers didn't want to go where the dogs were because -shock horror- if they did, the dogs might attack them.

    The whole match was sold on this, but then the rottweilers actually had handlers restraining them, so you never got the idea that Snow and Boss Man were ever in any real danger.

    This is normally the part where I'd tell you what the actual action was like, but there barely was any.

    Snow and Boss Man climbed around the cages a bit, then tried to make up for not doing very much by hitting each other really, really hard with the back end of a shovel.

    It was brutal in more ways than one. In fact, it was so bad that even in the early going, JR & King all but publically apologized for what we were watching.

    Though the crowd had been quiet for much of tonight, they outright booed the crap out of this one and were especially displeased when Al Snow managed to break free from being handcuffed to the corner and stop Boss Man climbing out of the top of the cage.

    From there, Snow himself escaped both cages and this terrible atrocity was over.
    Your Winner and Still WWF Hardcore Champion: Al Snow

    Out in the back, Mankind promised Michael Cole that, despite his friendship with The Rock, he would have no problem laying the smackdown on his candy ass in the six-pack challenge. Hilariously, Mankind finished his entertaining promo by muttering "don't tell him I said that."

    Chris Jericho (w/ Curtis Hughes) vs. X-Pac

    WWE / WWF - Unforgiven 1999 - Chris Jericho faced X-Pac
    After making his WWF PPV debut last month at Summerslam by trading words with The Road Dogg, Chris Jericho got set to meet the D-O-Double-G's DX buddy X-Pac in his first WWF PPV match.

    Before he did, however, Y2J promised us that he was here to save us from this brutal, boring PPV.

    Now, I know he only said that to get heel heat, but boring and brutal was a pretty good summary of this show so far.

    Though the match wasn't the all-time classic you might have hoped for, it was still a tremendous effort and far surpassed the two's last PPV outing back at WCW Halloween Havoc 1996.

    Rivalling the earlier tag team title match for MOTN honours, the only downfall was that the Charlotte crowd (who, I repeat, had been weird all night), spent most of the match distracted by something going on somewhere in the crowd.

    Regardless, X-Pac and Jericho carried on and delivered a wonderful little match until Curtis Hughes came in on Jericho's behalf and decked scab referee Tom Pritchard.
    Your Winner via Disqualification: X-Pac

    Post-match, Road Dogg ran in to save Pac from a two-on-one beatdown at the hands of Y2J and Hughes.

    Prior to the main event, we got a look at how the Six-Pack Challenge came about.

    Six-Pack Challenge for the Vacant World Wrestling Federation Championship
    The Rock vs. The British Bulldog vs. Mankind vs. The Big show vs. Triple H vs. Kane
    Special Enforcer: Stone Cold Steve Austin

    WWE / WWF - Unforgiven 1999 - Big Show puts a hurting on Kane
    As all six men took turns in beating the hell out of each other, special enforcer Austin cracked open a case of beers and joined King & JR on commentary, proving that, if he'd wanted to, The Rattlesnake could have made an effective color guy post-retirement.

    With him calling the action, Rock, Bulldog, Show, HHH, Kane, and Mankind developed a compelling main event that was just about as enjoyable as you were going to get in the Attitude Era.

    A technical masterpiece?

    No, of course, it wasn't, but it was very, very fun to watch.

    At one point, the referees who had been on strike the entire evening came out to ringside to watch scab referee Jimmy Korderas do his thing. Later, when Big Show looked to have the match won thanks to a punishing chokeslam to Mankind, they dragged Korderas out of the ring and beat the hell out of him.

    Since it cost him the WWF title, this understandably made Big Show mad, but damn if it wasn't funny to see Earl Hebner, Mike Chioda and Tim White go into a full-scale beat down mode.

    Having seen enough, Austin left the commentary booth and laid waste to the referees before taking over the officiating itself as the match reached a rousing crescendo.

    Bulldog laid out Rock with a chair, but before he could hit Hunter with one too, Austin grabbed it and walloped Davey Boy. Hunter covered Rock and arch-rival Austin made a reluctant three count.
    Your Winner and NEW WWF Champion: Triple H

    Post-match, Stone Cold stunned the new champion and left him laying in the middle of the ring.

    It's fair to say that Unforgiven 1999 was a very mixed bag. The opening match was boring, the Kennel from Hell match was one of the worst things I've seen in 25+ years of being a wrestling fan, and the Acolytes/Dudleys debacle was something nobody needs to see.

    Still, the tag team title match, X-Pac/Jericho and especially the main event made for fun viewing, perhaps not enough to make Unforgiven a must-see show, but at least enough to make it worth your while sitting through an otherwise lackluster show.

    1999 events reviewed so far
    Other WWE Unforgiven events
    1. WWF Unforgiven 1998
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      Thursday, 15 August 2019

      PPV REVIEW: WCW Fall Brawl 1999

      WCW Fall Brawl 1999 - Event poster
      September 12, 1999
      Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

      For the better part of the 1990s, World Championship Wrestling's annual Fall Brawl show was the one night of the year you were guaranteed to see one of the company's signature matches:

      War Games.

      Yet in 1999, both WCW and the wrestling industry as a whole were doing their best to throw tradition out of the window and establish themselves as a new, edgy, alternative kind of product that would basically redefine pro wrestling in the new millennium.

      Alas, for the first time since the early 1990s, this year's show didn't feature any War Games match at all.

      What it did feature, however, was red & yellow Hulk Hogan, Sting, Lex Luger and Kevin Nash. In other words, exactly the kind of stars you'd want to have on top of your card in order to position your company as new, edgy and different.

      With that rather sarcastic introduction out of the way, let's head to Winston-Salem for Fall Brawl 1999.

      Who can you trust?

      WCW Fall Brawl 1999 - Mike Tenay, Tony Schiavone, Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan
      Tonight's opening video package recounted the problems between World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan and his upcoming opponent, Sting.

      Basically, both Hogan and Lex Luger were trying to get in Sting's ear and convince him that the other one couldn't be trusted.

      Would Sting be able to trust good guy Hulk Hogan who had previously been engaged in a notoriously long war with The Stinger back in 1997? Or would he be able to trust Luger, his long-time friend who had a proven track record of turning on him?

      Only time would tell.

      Or maybe the announcers would, as it was to them that we went next.

      Tony Schiavone, Iron Mike Tenay and Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan told us all about Sting's troubles with Hogan and Sting before running down some of the other matches on tonight's card, including our opening contest.

      This led us to a quick video package detailing the rivalry that Vampiro & The ICP had with Eddie Guerrero, Billy Kidman, and Rey Mysterio Jr.

      That match was next.

      Vampiro & The Insane Clown Posse (Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope) vs. Eddie Guerrero, Billy Kidman, and Rey Mysterio Jr.

      WCW Fall Brawl 1999 - Vampiro and the ICP faced the Filthy Animals
      Last month, at Road Wild 1999, these two opened the show with a pretty fun contest. Tonight, they didn't quite live up to the standards they'd set back at the height of summer. There was far too much stalling in the early going and something about it just didn't quite click the same way.

      Still, this was by no means a bad match.

      The Insane Clown Posse - while hardly the next Brain Busters- were better pro wrestlers than you might have imagined, and they worked well with Vampiro, Guerrero, Kidman and Rey to put on a solid opener that got better the longer it went on.

      After a good 15 minutes of action, Kidman hit the shooting star press to pick up the three.
      Your Winners: Eddie Guerrero, Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio Jr.

      Out in Internet Location, some random guy wanted to know if The Revolution could have a clean sweep in their matches tonight, but Saturn was more interested in how he could download photos of The Nitro Girls.

      World Championship Wrestling World Cruiserweight Championship
      WCW Cruiserweight Champion Lenny Lane (w/ Lodi) vs. Kaz Hayashi

      WCW Fall Brawl 1999 - Lenny Lane and Lodi - The West Hollywood Blondes
      Prior to the match, we got a look back at Lenny Lane's new team with Lodi and how he managed to upset Rey Mysterio Jr. for the title. At the same time, Kaz Hayashi had been on a roll, and even beat Lane in a non-title match, earning his title shot championship opportunity tonight and having the notable distinction of being the first Japanese wrestler in WCW history not to be managed by Sonny Onoo.

      That's a joke by the way before you leave comments.

      Like the previous outing, this one got better the longer it went on.

      To begin with, Lenny's gay gimmick got in the way of him doing anything meaningful with his opponent, but when they finally got on to some proper wrestling, they turned in a decent, though hardly spectacular matchup which saw the champ retain thanks to interference from Lodi.
      Your Winner and Still Cruiserweight Champion: Lenny Lane

      WCW Fall Brawl 1999 - Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Sting
      Up next, Mean Gene Okerlund was out in the ring for an interview with Sting. Ever the charismatic superstar, The Stinger was none too happy with Lex Luger and insisted that he and The Total Package were close to having no friendship whatsoever.

      Sting then revealed that he had no problem at all with Hulk Hogan until they got in the ring, at which point he would try to take Hogan's title and become the nine-time champion.

      The whole segment was pretty short and to the point, but Sting was very entertaining here and the crowd, naturally, loved him.

      No Disqualification Match
      The First Family (Hugh Morrus & Brian Knobbs w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. The Revolution (Shane Douglas &  Dean Malenko)

      It's rare that I ever say this about a Dean Malenko match, but boy was this terrible.

      Both teams started off brawling on the outside, which made sense for a No DQ match, but then they took to the ring and got on with a normal tag match, complete with Malenko standing on the outside while his partner got his ass handed to him when he could have just dove in there and helped him out.

      For the rest of the match nothing, and I mean nothing, happened that justified the no disqualification stipulation. In fact, it's fair to say that nothing of any interest happened at all.

      This was dull, messy and boring. The only good thing about it was that it ended.
      Your Winners: The First Family

      Prior to the next match, we saw that Rick Steiner and Perry Saturn didn't like each other. This was convenient since they'd now be competing for the TV title.

      World Championship Wrestling World Television Championship
      WCW World TV Champion Rick Steiner vs. Perry Saturn.

      WCW Fall Brawl 1999 - Rick Steiner defended the TV title against Perry Saturn
      You know, I started Retro Pro Wrestling as a fun little hobby, but watching WCW really makes it feel like work.

      This was not a good match. Saturn tried, but Rick Steiner blatantly didn't give a damn about things, and neither did the announcers.

      Instead, they took a verbal detour to tell us that Buff Bagwell had not arrived for his match against Berlyn and a substitute wrestler would take his place. They also told us that the referees and announcers were wearing black armbands as a mark of respect for the recent passing of Brian 'Mark Curtis' Hillibrand.

      Back to the match, Steiner made the whole thing look like garbage then eventually won. It was atrocious.
      Your Winner and Still TV Champion: Rick Steiner

      Out in the back, Mean Gene wanted to know if Sting could trust Hulk Hogan.

      Hulkster answered in the affirmative, insisting that he had made a promise to his kids that he was walking on the right side of the law and that he was going to beat Sting fair and square, with no shady goings-on.

      Berlyn (w/ The Wall) vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

      WCW Fall Brawl 1999 - Berlyn w/ The Wall faced Hacksaw Jim Duggan
      Sigh, let's get this one over with.

      Hacksaw Jim Duggan was in this match because, rather than being 'late', Buff Bagwell had, in real-life, actually refused to job to Berlyn.

      So whilst the novelty of having Evil German Berlyn (Alex Wright with a new gimmick) going up against Ultra-American Jim Duggan was kinda fun, that novelty value quickly wore off.

      Hacksaw spent the first few minutes no-selling all of Berlyn's offence. The two then spent the next couple of minutes sat on the mat doing nothing before toppling to the outside, where The Wall clotheslined Duggan out of his boots, causing more damage with that one move than Berlyn had done the entire match.

      Inside the ring, Berlyn hit a Rude Awakening and picked up a win which was met with absolute silence.
      Your Winner: Berlyn

      Out in the back, Buff Bagwell had finally 'arrived' and was trying to get Mike Graham to reformat the show so he could wrestle.

      After being told to be on time 'for once in your life,' Bagwell rushed to the ring to embrace Duggan but was pushed off by a beat-up Hacksaw.

      I'll remind you that Buff was the babyface here.

      He looked like an idiot.

      World Championship Wrestling World Tag Team Championship
      WCW World Tag Team Champions The West Texas Rednecks (Barry & Kendal Windham w/ Curt Hennig) vs. Harlem Heat (w/ Booker T & Stevie Ray)

      WCW Fall Brawl 1999 - Stevie Ray
      You know, after being totally burned out by the last couple of matches, it was really, really hard to get excited about anything Harlem Heat and The West Texas Rednecks did here.

      That's probably because they didn't do very much at all, but even when they were trying -and I mean, really, really trying- it was a struggle to enjoy this one.

      After what felt like the longest time ever, Booker hit the missile dropkick and Harlem Heat won the tag team titles for the second PPV in a row.
      Your Winners and NEW WCW Tag Team Champions: Harlem Heat

      Up next, we got a hype video for our upcoming US title match in which Sid Justice went on a dominant winning streak and promised to destroy Chris Benoit for the US title.

      World Championship Wrestling United States Championship
      WCW United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. Sid Vicious

      WCW Fall Brawl 1999 - Sid Vicious faced Chris Benoit for the US title
      It says a lot about your show when a match involving a beat up Sid Vicious is one of the best things on it.

      To be fair, almost everything good about this match was thanks to Benoit, how hard he worked and just how universally loved by the live crowd he was.

      Not that his unwavering popularity did him any favours here.

      Despite finding a number of ways to ground Sid, it was ultimately The Millenium Man who went 80-0 and became your new US champion after a pretty decent outing.
      Your winner and NEW US Champion: Sid Vicious

      Next, we got a video package of DDP threatening to kick Goldberg's teeth in and Goldberg replying by threatening to rip Page's throat out.

      Diamond Dallas Page vs. Goldberg

      WCW Fall Brawl 1999 - DDP faced Goldberg
      Could Goldberg and DDP recapture the magic they created back at Halloween Havoc 1998 in a match that Dallas famously made pages upon pages of plans for?

      Not quite, but this was still a pretty fun bout between the two.

      Page had his whole cocky, cowardly heel thing down to perfection by this stage, at one point taking to the mic and threatening to leave if the crowd didn't stop chanting for Goldberg. Naturally, they blew the roof off the place.

      The actual in-ring action was as good as you were going to get from these two and made for an enjoyable showing.

      In the end, The Jersey Triad ran out and bashed Goldberg over the head with an International Object which looked to be made of glass and caused a nasty cut on his neck. Undeterred, Goldberg clotheslined Bam Bam Bigelow and Kanyon out of their boots, then smashed DDP with both a spear and Jackhammer to win the match.
      Your Winner: Goldberg

      There's 21 minutes left on this show and only one more match.

      Look, I enjoy Hulk Hogan as a character, but a 20-minute Hogan match in 1999? Please say it isn't so.

      World Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship
      WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan vs. Sting

      WCW Fall Brawl 1999 - Hulk Hogan defended the WCW title against Sting
      Well, this was garbage.

      In a match that went way too long, Sting got his ass beat by Hogan at the slowest, most tedious pace possible.

      After several minutes of awfulness, Diamond Dallas Page ran in and hit Hogan with a Running Turd Breaker that looked like a crappy version of the Diamond Cutter. He draped Sting's arm over Hogan but Hogan kicked out, so Page hit the referee with another Diamond Cutter that was only slightly better than the first.

      Then Bret Hart came down to beat up Hogan and Lex Luger came down also. As Hogan dealt with the dastardly Luger, Sting grabbed a baseball bat which he eventually hit Hogan with.

      This was supposed to be Sting's big heel turn, but the crowd loved it.

      Sting then hit the Scorpion death lock and became your new nine-time WCW champion.
      Your Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Sting

      Post-match, Sting and Luger embraced, revealing that they'd been in cahoots the whole time.

      I rarely get angry these days, but having sat through that atrocity of a show, I actually feel my blood boiling.

      The first couple of matches were pretty decent and things picked up a little towards the end before taking an absolute nosedive in the main event.

      Seriously, do yourself a favour and avoid this one like the plague.

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